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How I came up with Local Shops Near Me – Since the pandemic started, I’ve seen so many posts on social media and the news to “support small businesses”. Whether that’s hosting an event on Facebook Live, or you own an antique store in your town, or you are a small mom and pop restaurant. I saw the constant question: Who has a small business? And immediately I would see hundreds of people posting that either they own a small business or know someone who does.

I could never find a “one stop shop” for all the small businesses in the area. Let alone if they were actually a small business. In fact, I couldn’t find small businesses in my own home town that I had lived in for the past 7 years! The only places I knew of where the businesses who had a store front that I’ve seen driving down my daily routine drive. I even tried Googling “Small businesses near me” or “Local Shops Near Me”. Even then the search was rigorous. I eventually gave up because there wasn’t a good way to search for a small business, and the websites I did find were not very intuitive and had little information.

Thus, came the idea of ‘why not create a website where people can search for a small or local business?’. So, if you have travelers from out of town and they want to know a small business they can support while in town, they pull up the website, select the area they are in, what type of service/product they are looking for, and viola! Like I said, I wanted a one stop shop for all small businesses to promote themselves (for cheap…as in FREE) and let those who like supporting small businesses to have a place to look!

Local Shops Near Me

Local Shops Near Me – Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to support small businesses in any way we can. Whether that’s allowing small business owners to list their business for free, or allowing potential customers to browse new types of services and products.

Our vision is to support small businesses through a free platform, and increase awareness to support small across the globe.

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